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Fellow, Life Management Institute

The Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI) program is a 10-course professional development program that provides an industry-specific business education i nthe context of the insurance and financial services industry. 

Join the elite group of industry professional who have developed broad-based knowledge with the world's largest, university-level education program in insurance and financial services!   


The FLMI program teaches advanced insurance and financial concepts to build a deeper understanding of the insurance business. The FLMI program consists of three levels:

  • FLMI Level 1 Certificate in Insurance Fundamentals
    This certificate provides need-to-know information about insurance products and operations so employees quickly gain confidence, serve their customers effectively, and contribute to company success.
  • Associate, Life Management Institute (ALMI)
    The ALMI provides job-relevant knowledge about the core insurance functions and strengthens business and financial acumen.
  • Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI)
    The five FLMI-level courses cover “big picture” business topics important to insurance professionals and managers. In general, these courses also cover quantitative and financial concepts in greater depth.

Learners must complete 10 required courses to earn the FLMI designation.

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  • Compliance and Legal
  • Finance and Accounting
  • Institutional Investing
  • Life Insurance
  • Management and Leadership
  • Marketing and Business Acquisition
  • Operations and Administration
  • Risk Management & Product Development 

Program Roadmap


Fellow, Life Management Institute

Core Course Requirements: 10 course(s)

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A FLMI Designee Shares Her Story

Listen to FLMI designee Liz Rivera talk about the value of the FLMI program.

Course Credit Notes

Learners who have credit for the discontinued courses below automatically receive FLMI credit for the applicable course category shown.

Discontinued course FLMI course category
LOMA 351 Business & Financial Concepts
LOMA 310, 315, or 316 Law
LOMA 330 Management
LOMA 340 or 356 Investments

FLMI Testimonials

I started out in the insurance industry almost 10 years ago. I immediately fell in love with the industry and during orientation, our educator mentioned LOMA and the FLMI designation. From that point on, my course was set. I knew this was something that I wanted and needed to achieve to be successful in this industry. I wholeheartedly believe my FLMI designation has been instrumental to my success, resulting in promotions and edging out the competition. It shows your commitment to the work we do day in and day out. I don't believe I would be where I am at today without LOMA and my FLMI designation. Thank you LOMA!!!

Scott A. Ortiz, FLMI

The FLMI designation has meant a lot to me. It has given me a much better understanding of the industry. I am able to discuss industry-related topics intelligently and to develop well-informed opinions. My designation has caused potential employers to comment on my knowledge and dedication. This has given me an edge over other potential candidates. I am grateful for the education that I obtained from earning my FLMI designation, and am proud to be one of the 100,000 FLMI industry professionals.

Debbie McCants, FLMI, FFSI, PCS, AIAA, AIRC, ARA, Lincoln Financial Group

I was hired by a large insurance company as a registered nurse because of my extensive cardiac background, familiarity of EKG interpretation and handling complex cardiac patients. I had absolutely NO CLUE about the Life insurance industry. Studying for and completing the LOMA exams taught me valuable insurance industry processes, law, financial services, risk management—the list goes on. I am so grateful that I had the access and opportunity to learn as much as I did through the LOMA program!

Lucy Wichtoski, RN, FLMI, FALU, Northwestern Mutual

Next Steps in the FLMI Program

FLMI Level 1 Certificate in Insurance Fundamentals

Get need-to-know information about life insurance products and operations in two online interactive courses.

Associate, Life Management Institute

Must-have knowledge regarding the core products and operations of life insurance companies and financial concepts.

Join the Fellowship

Join the over 110,000 Fellow, Life Management Institute™ (FLMI®) designees around the world who have committed themselves to excellence.

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