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Section Committees and Meetings

Education Section Annual Meetings are popular events for attendees at all levels to gain relevant and timely industry information, share ideas and perspectives on a wide range of topics, and connect with industry peers.

Education Section Annual Meetings feature keynote experts who typically address critical issues, and offer actionable strategies and tactics, as well as dynamic workshops and open forums for participants to engage in meaningful dialogue about business challenges, emerging trends, best practices and other related matters.

Each education section is led by an executive committee of industry volunteers who meet regularly to plan, organize and implement the annual meetings, in collaboration with LOMA. Only employees from LOMA member companies can sit on education section committees.

Featured Events

2023 LOMA Canada Internal Audit Annual Meeting

11/14/2023 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. ET

Internal Audit professionals from all career levels are invited to attend this annual meeting to gain new knowledge, share ideas and network with their industry peers.


Section Meetings

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