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Incumbents Opening Up: The Pace of Change in Insurance

In today’s rapidly evolving business environment, insurers need flexibility and speed to market more than ever. Incumbent insurers have tremendous assets at their disposal, but it is critical for them to develop a strategy to leverage these legacy assets while also being open to new business possibilities and new technologies.

Download this executive perspective from Appian to learn why it is essential for insurance organizations to develop a technology architecture that will enable them to compete in the next decade — and beyond.

Leapfrogging Into the Digital Age With A Standalone Digital Brand

Today’s life insurers must deal with an especially daunting set of constantly changing business challenges and must meet all of them in order to survive and thrive.

With the right strategy and solutions like SE2 Aurum ® &’s interactive customer engagement solution, mid-sized life and annuity insurers can not only compete with larger enterprises, but can actually leapfrog over them.

Detect and Help Prevent Fraud in the Life Insurance Industry

Fraud in the life and annuities industry is much larger than has been previously estimated. More than 80% of life and annuity carries report that fraud has increased over the last two years, but these same companies have not been investing in modern fraud detection tools that make use of AI and machine learning. Read a free white paper on this important topic, sponsored by OneSpan. This report, based on 35 interviews with life insurance carrier executives involved in managing fraud, details some of the key trends driving fraud and what can be done to combat them.

5 Security Questions Every Insurer Should Have an Answer for (and the Answers They Should Have)

While we strive for digital transformation today and look forward to InsurTech’s promise of a revolutionary tomorrow, insurers must not forget that information security is vital in the here and now.

Because so much confidential data passes through today’s business systems, we expect modern information management solutions to meet a higher degree of scrutiny when it comes to data security. Modern digital systems and procedures must be fully secure to retain the trust of agents and insureds, and to protect companies from liability.

It is time for your insurance company to ask the question, “How exposed are we?”

  • Can you fend off a cyberattack?
  • Are you prepared to comply with the changing regulatory landscape?
  • Have you eliminated manual, paper-based processes?
  • Are you educating your members and employees about online security?
  • Where can you focus on opportunities for data security improvement?

Download this free whitepaper, sponsored by Hyland OnBase.

Mobile Apps in Life Insurance

The consumer appetite for mobile apps will continue to grow exponentially, but life insurance carriers have yet to meet that demand, says Aite. In this 31-page report, Aite lays out the state of the industry’s mobile apps and usability, with 41 of the top 50 life carriers represented. While life carriers have developed e-apps, many still require a wet signature — breaking the digital experience. Get Aite’s insights into which e-signature vendors can best support carriers for building a digital and mobile strategy and overcome common concerns around audits, security and legacy integration. This white paper is sponsored by OneSpan.

Electronic Signatures for Life Insurance

Electronic signature adoption in life insurance is quickly reaching critical mass. In an industry survey, analyst firm Celent found that 74% of respondents were already using e-signatures – a significant increase from 47% just five years earlier. The modern customer is driving the shift from paper to all-electronic processes. Read this informative white paper from Silanis to see how e-signatures are shaping the future of insurance purchases.

Case Management In Insurance: Focus on Claims Processing

Claims processing is a core business capability within every insurance company, yet it is often one of the most inefficient and risky processes. From the initial communication that launches the claim to the final resolution, the end-to-end claims process is complex and strictly regulated, requiring highly-skilled claims examiners to perform many of the activities to adjudicate the claim. A Dynamic Case Management (DCM) system provides an integrated and automated claims processing environment that can improve claim resolution time and customer satisfaction, while improving compliance and efficiency. Download this informative whitepaper sponsored by DST Systems.

Building the Business Case for a New Life Claims System

A compelling business case is needed to provide the motivation and prioritization to introduce a new claims management system in any organization. The approach to such a business case involves assessing current business processes and performance, designing future processes, identifying the business benefits, calculating the IT system and related savings that can be made by retiring legacy software and finally calculating the ROI. Many companies have already started to see substantial returns from replacing outdated legacy systems with modern claims technology. This white paper by FINEOS will help you to build your own business case and estimate the kinds of returns your organization could achieve.

Y It’s Different: Understanding Gen Y Consumers, Ways Life Insurance Can Reach Them, and How VISA Can Help

Gen Y consumers are everywhere—they number 79 million! As they advance their lives, they become more important to the life insurance marketplace. By 2030, their numbers will exceed all other consumer groups combined.

This free white paper by VISA looks at the Gen Y market and how life insurers can reach them. It covers:

  • The size of the segment
  • Gen Y consumers' attitudes and influences
  • Messaging to reach them
  • How VISA can help

Technology is embedded in the lives of Gen Y consumers, and automatic recurring payments through VISA solutions are popular with them. Also, find out how VISA solutions can create processing efficiencies for you.

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