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Associate, Insurance Regulatory Compliance

Compliance is one of the most critical issues facing life and health insurers today. LOMA's Associate, Insurance Regulatory Compliance (AIRC) program will provide you with a comprehensive knowledge base of the complex issues surrounding state and federal regulation of the life and health insurance industry and products.





The AIRC designation program will help you understand:

  • Compliance concepts, terms, processes, and regulatory requirements
  • How states and the federal government regulate insurance companies
  • What to expect during financial examinations and market conduct examinations
  • What kinds of filings states need on life insurance products, health insurance products, and annuities
  • When, how, and why federal securities laws apply to the sale of financial products
  • What specific regulations govern insurance, including life, health, pensions, annuities, credit insurance, and group products

Learners must complete six required courses to earn the AIRC designation. See the program roadmap below for more details.

In addition, LOMA awards a personalized certificate to learners upon successful completion of AIRC 411 and AIRC 421. Learn more about the Certificate in Regulatory Compliance Essentials.

NOTE: Learners may not apply existing credit for AIRC 410 or AIRC 420 toward earning the Certificate. Our Contact Center representatives are available to help explain your options. Call us at 1-800-ASK-LOMA (Option 1).


  • Compliance and Legal
  • Life Insurance
  • Marketing and Business Acquisition
  • Operations and Administration

Program Roadmap


Associate, Insurance Regulatory Compliance

Core Course Requirements: 6 course(s)

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Course Credit Notes

Learners who have credit for the discontinued courses below automatically receive AIRC credit as shown.

Discontinued course AIRC credit
LOMA 286 LOMA 280 or LOMA 281
LOMA 310 or LOMA 315 LOMA 311
LOMA 326 LOMA 320 or LOMA 321
AIRC 410 AIRC 411
AIRC 420 AIRC 421



Certificate in Regulatory Compliance Essentials

To earn the certificate, learners must complete both AIRC 411 and AIRC 421.

AIRC Testimonials

The knowledge gained from the AIRC certainly helped in boosting my overall understanding of the life insurance industry and business; the various products in terms of how they meet customers’ needs; each core insurance function and how they operate; and a better understanding of compliance concepts, terms, processes, and regulatory requirements.

The AIRC is directly related to the work we do in the Insurance Commissioner’s office, so I thought this particular designation would be helpful to me in my role as a regulator. Additionally, the information from the courses allows me to better understand the issues facing the members of the insurance industry who I work with every day.

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