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I*STAR: Instructions for Students

I*STAR Regulations

I*STAR: Instructions for Proctors

I*STAR: Troubleshooting Tips


Getting Started

Why did you replace your proctored exam delivery system?

The “old” proctored exam delivery system (I*STAR®) depended on Internet Explorer which Microsoft no longer supports. We are thrilled to offer an upgraded cloud-based I*STAR exam delivery system with enhanced security, reliability, and user experience features for proctored exams.

How will Ed Reps/proctors and learners use the upgraded system?

Because the upgraded I*STAR exam delivery system is cloud-based, learners and proctors will be able to access it through an internet connection, and there’s no new software to download. The requirements for maintaining a secure proctored environment, as well as the process for all other actions, including enrolling students for courses, viewing reports, etc., remain the same. To review LOMA’s I*STAR Regulations, click here.

How can I get familiar with the upgraded system?

We have compiled printable resources for your convenience.

If you are a student looking for information about how to take exams, please review the I*STAR Instructions for Students.

If you are an Ed Rep/proctor looking for information about how to proctor exams, please review the I*STAR Instructions for Ed Reps.

The I*STAR Troubleshooting Tips document contains helpful hints and tips for using the upgraded system to proctor exams.


Technical Information

Do learners and proctors need new log in information for the upgraded system?

Learners and proctors will use the same credentials they used before the upgrade.

What are the System Requirements for the I*STAR exam system?

Proctors and students can use Chrome, Edge or Firefox to connect to the I*STAR exam platform at We recommend you use the latest version of each browser. 

Students should use a desktop or laptop in the test center to take exams.

Proctors who wish to use a phone or tablet to connect to the exam platform can use an iOS or Android device.

What should my company do with the “old” I*STAR system now that the new cloud-based version has launched?

There’s no need to uninstall the “old” software-based version of I*STAR to use the cloud-based version, but, if you prefer, you can uninstall the client-based version 6.3.x whenever time permits.

To uninstall I*STAR:

  • Go to Control Panel/Programs and Features and choose Uninstall ISTAR 6.3.x
  • Follow the prompts to uninstall
  • Delete the LOMA folder from C:\Program Files (x86)\ or C:\Program Files\
  • Restart the computer

When you uninstall the current I*STAR software, we recommend that you uninstall it from one computer at a time. If you have any challenges, please reach out to us at

When does LOMA perform system maintenance?

Maintenance on the exam system is performed on the third Saturday of each month. Please do not schedule exams during the hours of 12 am to 10 am EDT on these Saturdays. The exact dates will be posted on the LMS.

I have a question that isn’t answered here. Who do I contact?

We’re here to help! Please reach out to us at if there is any way we can support or improve your exams system experience. For helpful hints and troubleshooting tips about proctoring exams, please read the I*STAR Troubleshooting Tips document.

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