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FLMI Level I: Insurance Fundamentals

Get this need-to-know information about insurance products and operations to help you quickly gain confidence and accelerate your success.

IT Professionals and the FLMI

Being a highly effective IT professional in the insurance industry requires that you understand how the business works. Understanding the language and concepts of insurance is crucial to being able to ask the right questions and effectively execute projects. These professionals talk about the knowledge they gained through earning their FLMI.

Takeaways from the FLMI

FLMIs take a moment to mention how one bit of knowledge learned in one course, or the big picture they could see after all ten made a difference.

FLMI 레벨 I: 보험의 기초

자신감을 얻고 더 빠르게 성공할 수 있도록 보험 상품 및 운영에 대해 반드시 알아야 하는 정보를 얻으십시오.

FLMI Contributes to Career Success

These FLMI designees proudly share how the FLMI has empowered them with the knowledge to better complete job duties and has helped advance their careers.

FLMI Around the Globe: Philippines, Quebec, Lebanon

The FLMI is a globally recognized professional designation, and we have designees around the world. Here are a few who share their stories.

Nivel I de FLMI: Aspectos Fundamentales de los Seguros

Obtenga esta información importante sobre productos y operaciones de seguros para ganar confianza y acelerar su éxito rápidamente.

Legacy Designations

Learn more about our legacy designations.