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Insurance Immersion is ideal for mid-level managers, emerging leaders, and high-potential employees who may excel in their field or specialty but have limited exposure to other areas of the business.

Our expert instructors provide a holistic, succinct overview of products and operations, explaining key connections among economic factors, product features and sales, and operations. By the end of the program, learners grasp how this works together to affect an insurer’s ability to provide an exceptional customer experience and protect an insurer's solvency and profitability.

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A Proven Industry Solution

Over the past 15 years, more than 6,000 industry professionals have completed Insurance Immersion. Created with input from industry experts and updated to reflect current best practices, Insurance Immersion is an industry favorite — 94% of our members rate Insurance Immersion among the most valuable programs we offer.

Insurance Immersion offers:

  • Fourteen hours of live, dynamic instructor-led content
  • Networking and collaboration among colleagues — within a department or across the organization
  • Expert instructors who explain key concepts and answer questions to clarify understanding and insights

Insurance Immersion provides a clear and concise overview of industry trends, life insurance products and operations, and how insurers make money, while connecting those core business concepts to new and evolving influences. Learners gain a holistic view of the business, and apply what they learn in small group activities, ask questions to clarify ideas, and get answers that relate to their specific roles.


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I really enjoyed this training. It’s comprehensive, informative, and provides a great foundation for anyone working at an insurance company. Everyone should take it!

Our employees always have great things to say about this program. It gives them an understanding of where everything fits within our company and the industry as a whole.


Hear From an L&D Leader

Roz Tsai, VP, Talent, Learning & Organizational Effectiveness at Thrivent outlines how Insurance Immersion is utilized for employee development within the organization. 

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Meet our team of Insurance Immersion facilitators and instructors!

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