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To succeed, new hires and emerging leaders need a solid understanding of the industry and business in which they work. Insurance Immersion can help! This unique, instructor-led program explains and connects key concepts to promote a holistic view of the life insurance business, which improves collaboration and decision-making. Available in a variety of formats.

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Benefits of the Insurance Immersion program:

  • It's fast. Conducted at a quick and methodical pace, participants accelerate their learning and knowledge of the industry efficiently during this multi-day program.
  • It’s comprehensive. The program covers a wide range of important aspects of the Canadian insurance business, including products, pricing, distribution, sales, regulations, operations, finance, and risk management.
  • It’s effective. In a lively and highly interactive learning process that includes real-life case studies and instruction by subject matter experts, participants live and breathe insurance.

Meet our Facilitator and Instructors

When you participate in our Insurance Immersion program, you'll learn from the best in the business! 


The facilitator for the program is a LOMA staff person and life insurance industry expert who will act as the master of ceremonies for the program by providing logistical information to participants and instructors, introducing instructors, presenting portions of the program content, and managing the classroom environment.

Your facilitator will be responsible for:

  • Ensuring that class sessions progress smoothly
  • Answering participant questions about basic program concepts
  • Managing the time so that sessions run on schedule
  • Leading activities by providing instructions and guidelines for participants


Our instructors are industry experts who have considerable knowledge and experience in the area of the program for which he or she is responsible. The instructor’s role is to present a “real world” perspective by providing specific examples from personal experience to illustrate the industry concepts covered in the program. The instructors provide comments and feedback to participants during group activities and discussions.

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Insurance Immersion

Insurance Immersion

A unique, instructor-led program that provides a comprehensive overview of the industry and how insurers operate.