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Conquer the Learning Curve

Build industry knowledge across your organization from the outset with Complete Insurance Fundamentals. This online, self-paced learning path provides early career professionals with an enhanced experience and efficient pricing, resulting in the FLMI Level 1 Certificate in Insurance Fundamentals.

Support valuable retention efforts, strengthen employee engagement, and jumpstart employee success with LOMA 200: Complete Insurance Fundamentals — available for volume purchasing.  

Engage Employees. Retain Top Talent.

Did you know? It can take up to two years for new employees to reach the same level of productivity as an existing staff member. Empower employees to conquer the learning curve with Complete Insurance Fundamentals: 

  • Offers foundational education for new and recent hires 
  • Provides background on individual and group life insurance and annuity products
  • Focuses on operations, functions, and product development unique to insurance
  • Utilizes real-life scenarios to create a connection to the industry 

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What are Learners Saying?

I interact with multiple departments — the knowledge gained helps me better understand how everything fits together.

The information I learned will help me better answer questions, relate one aspect of work to another, and understand various requirements in my role.

The knowledge I gained from this course helped me become more confident in doing my job.

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