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Optimize Employee Success

To help your organization succeed, skills alone aren't enough — employees need working knowledge of your company and the industry. Meet the distinct, industry-specific needs of your entire workforce with LOMA's Industry Advantage subscription program. Build your advantage with unlimited access to a broad and deep library of bite-sized content with topics focused on life insurance, annuities, and workplace benefits. Currently available in North America. 

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Build Your Advantage

Maximize employee growth with knowledge and skills gained from Industry Advantage. This cost-effective subscription program features unlimited access to a deep library of short, industry-specific content on foundational and emerging topics. 

Build a Foundation & Stay Current

  • Provides industry-specific, foundational knowledge on life insurance, annuities, and workplace benefits
  • Offers short content on hot topics to keep employees up-to-date on industry trends

Personalized Learning

  • Bite-sized, ever-expanding course library with mobile-ready content
  • Customizable learning paths to growth

Simple to Administer

  • Compatible with your learning experience platform
  • All access, cost-effective annual subscription
  • Group purchase model

Check back periodically for updates on new courses and learning paths. 

New Course Content Covers: 

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • The Financial Service Industry
  • Retirement Plans (Mergers, Freezes, Terminations) 
  • Non-medical Insurance
  • Using Insurance to Manage Risk
  • Voluntary Insurance 

New Learning Paths Focus on:

  • Financial Literacy and Wellness
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) Literacy




What's Your Advantage?

Your employees are your advantage! Take a look at how you can help your entire workforce reach their full potential with Industry Advantage

Industry Advantage Gets Rave Reviews!


I enjoyed the Industry Advantage learning experience — I think I may be hooked! The content is engaging and I love the inclusion of the insightful and relevant industry professional interviews.

This is a fantastic bridge for new-to-the-industry personnel. Industry Advantage does a wonderful job of providing background information and simplifying key components of the process. Without understanding the basics, it's difficult to grasp the nuances of [the industry].

The Industry Advantage learning experience is the perfect blend of learning components — from written to visual — and is designed in a way that makes [learning] both insightful and fun.

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Existing Industry Advantage Subscribers

Optimize the success of Industry Advantage across your organization with product overviews, email templates, and more.

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