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Certificate in Customer Experience Essentials

The customer experience is an important differentiator for insurance companies. Creating a positive customer experience culture can distinguish a company from its competitors while helping achieve profitable growth. That’s why we’ve introduced the Certificate in Customer Experience Essentials.


Learners are better able to provide an exceptional customer experience when they have foundational knowledge of an insurer’s products and services, along with a practical understanding of how employees across all areas of an insurance company can positively influence the customer experience. Learners are able to demonstrate their commitment to their organization’s customer experience initiative by attaining the Certificate in Customer Experience Essentials.

Learners must complete three courses to earn the Certificate in Customer Experience Essentials.

One of the courses, CX 50 — Impact Cx: The Quest, is our interactive, scenario-based, gamified course that helps learners develop a customer-first mindset and realize how they impact the customer experience, no matter their role.



  • Risk and Insurance
  • Individual Insurance Products
  • Benefits, Provisions, and Ownership Rights
  • Group Insurance Products
  • Company Operations Overview
  • Product Administration
  • Marketing, Product Development, and Administration
  • Financial Management
  • Improving the Customer Experience in Various Functional Areas
  • Empathy and Listening to the Voice of the Customer
  • Journey Mapping
  • Customer Experience Advocacy
  • Customer-Centric Culture

Program Roadmap


Certificate in Customer Experience Essentials

Core Course Requirements: 3 course(s)

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Impact Cx: The Quest

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