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ACS P&C Track

LOMA and The Insurance Institute of Canada (IIC) jointly sponsor a designation track for Canadian students. Students with credit from the Institutes can receive credit towards the ACS designation by completing the request form and providing proof of the P&C credit.

Continuing Education (CE) Credit

As of 12/31/14, LOMA no longer facilitates the CE application or submission process for individuals seeking Life and Health agent CE credit for completing LOMA professional development courses. Some states and provinces may continue to grant Life and Health agent CE credit for LOMA courses. Courses may not be approved for all categories of licenses, and all states and provinces reserve the right to deny CE credit at any time. Those seeking CE credit should always check with the respective state or province to determine the requirements for CE credit application and for submission of course completion proof that apply to their individual situation.

If a state or province continues to grant the credit, individuals are responsible for submitting proof of course credit directly to the state or province upon completion of the LOMA course. LOMA will continue to provide transcripts to individuals upon request.

For additional information, please email

Credit from Other Programs

LOMA grants course credit for some other insurance-related designation programs. Students may receive credit for up to three LOMA courses at $70 per course credit. A list of approved courses for transfer credit is included in the transfer credit application form.

Request a Transcript

Need a professional development transcript for academic credit, job requirements, or personal records? Complete and submit the Transcript Request Form to the Office of the Registrar. Records preparation and mailing takes two to four weeks from receipt of the completed request.

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