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In the past, over 350 post-secondary educational institutions in the United States, Canada, and other countries have granted thousands of learners credit for the LOMA designation courses they have successfully completed. However, these institutions may or may not grant credit to students in the future. Each educational institution grants credit at its own discretion based on its current curriculum and policies and no award of credit is guaranteed by LOMA.

A learner who wants to request that academic credit to be granted for LOMA courses should notify their advisor or other appropriate school official and apply for credit at the time of formal application for admission to or for further study at the institution. As needed, students should then request an official “Professional Education Transcript” from LOMA.

The National College Credit Recommendation Service (National CCRS) has evaluated all LOMA designation courses and made recommendations on the appropriate number of college semester hours to award for the completion of each course. Many colleges and universities use this information from National CCRS to help them determine the number of semester hours to grant for a LOMA course. LOMA sends the National CCRS evaluation summary with all transcript requests for academic credit.

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