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Identify the Best Entry-Level Candidates

New entry-level professionals and support staff require specific knowledge, skills, abilities, and personal characteristics to succeed. With the help of our Entry Level™ employment test, you can identify the best candidates for a wide range of positions, including general administration, customer service, insurance underwriting, and claims.

Each candidate report provides you with an overall rating, as well as separate evaluations of the applicant’s cognitive and soft skills such as:

  • Work commitment
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Adaptability
  • Following policies and procedures

Entry Level can help you deliver bottom-line results in these challenging times. Improved hiring decisions helped one top-five insurance company save more than $1 million in claims processing. Other clients have reduced turnover up to 33%, slashing their hiring, training, and administrative costs. Our assessment experts can help your company reap the rewards of improved hiring.

What Customers Are Saying

We have used LOMASelect [Entry Level] for years. It has proven to be a lead indicator of success for new associates. While an assessment is not the defining tool for a decision in hiring someone, it does help paint the picture of a good candidate or not. The ease of administering the test and the simple results make this a great tool to use throughout the selection process.

- Janice Wilson
Northwestern Mutual


I have been using the LOMA [LOMASelect Entry Level] for years and find this tool to be extremely valuable as an assessment. During the last 10 years, I have hired two people that were “not qualified” and I regretted both decisions. For both of these candidates the tool accurately depicted in which area they would struggle. Because of this, I will not hire someone that doesn’t qualify. Not only is the tool helpful when making a decision about whether to move the candidate forward in the process but the tool helps identify areas of opportunity for those that are hired. It is very easy to administer, you are informed of when the candidate completes the assessment and the report about the candidate is available immediately upon completion.

- Liz Woloschek
Northwestern Mutual

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