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Cut Turnover and Boost Engagement


Designed to pinpoint what candidates are at risk for early turnover, the EASy Retention Index helps you save time as you find the right people for the right job.

Companies are finding it hard to retain top talent in today’s environment. EASy Retention Index provides a better way to identify and screen out which candidates may be at risk for early turnover. It is ideal for high-volume, high-turnover jobs in a variety of insurance and financial services fields.

How it works:

The EASy Retention Index uses the science of predictive analytics to measure whether job candidates have the necessary skills and traits to be successful in the job you’re hiring for. Within minutes, you’ll have valuable insights on your applicant’s work preferences, personality attributes, and personal history.

The EASy Retention Index measures three key factors to access a candidate's risk of early turnover:

  • Work Preferences: alignment of individual work preferences, including factors like working conditions, pace, workload, organizational structure, and degree of customer contact.
  • Behavior/Personality Attributes: personal traits, characteristics, and tendencies that are associated with greater employee engagement and strong organizational commitment.
  • Personal History: information relevant to the job, such as employment history, education, and workplace values and beliefs.



Your candidates can complete the assessment within minutes, from any smart device from virtually anywhere.


Access your candidate’s results instantly and find out which are the right fit for the job and your organization.


EASy Retention Index has helped our clients boost employee engagement and reduce turnover by 50%!


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