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To succeed, new hires and emerging leaders need a solid understanding of the industry and business in which they work. Insurance Immersion can help! This unique, instructor-led program explains and connects key concepts to promote a holistic view of the life insurance business, which improves collaboration and decision-making. Available in a variety of formats.

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Five ways Insurance Immersion makes an impact:

  1. Provides a “big-picture” view of the insurance industry
  2. Simplifies complex topics so learners quickly grasp critical ideas
  3. Encourages strategic thinking about key products and functions
  4. Promotes collaboration
  5. Helps emerging leaders get answers to their most pressing questions


I really enjoyed this training. It’s comprehensive, informative, and provides a great foundation for anyone working at an insurance company. Everyone should take it!

Our employees always have great things to say about this program. It gives them an understanding of where everything fits within our company and the industry as a whole.


See Insurance Immersion in action!

Hear from participants and get a feel for this engaging program.

Programs offered in multiple formats to meet a variety of needs!

Virtual Insurance Immersion

Learn more about the industry without leaving your desk!

In-Person Insurance Immersion

Come together to learn and collaborate with industry peers.

Executive Insurance Immersion

Essential onboarding for executives new to insurance.

Insurance Immersion for Data Scientists

Provides data experts with industry knowledge and a holistic view of insurance operations.

Insurance Immersion — Canada

Learn more about our Canadian Insurance Immersion Program.

Program Facilitators/Instructors

Meet our Team

Facilitators and Instructors

Meet our team of Insurance Immersion facilitators and instructors!

Upcoming Sessions

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