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Easily Assess Writing Skills

Do you need to hire people who can effectively communicate with customers or colleagues by email, web chat, text, and other nonvoice methods? Then SelectWrite™ can help you. This assessment uses artificial intelligence and a rigorously-developed standardized scoring system to instantly and objectively evaluate a job candidate’s ability to write clearly and effectively.

SelectWrite is very straightforward: Job candidates write a response to one or two prompts, and have 20 minutes to complete each one. That’s it. The advanced scoring system takes it from there, instantly providing you with an overall hiring recommendation and information about six key aspects of their writing:

  • Accuracy and Completeness
  • Purpose and Impact
  • Writing Mechanics and Grammar
  • Vocabulary and Word Choice
  • Business Writing Style
  • Organization

Scoring does not vary, as it does with manually scored tests. The online platform enables onsite and remote testing. Please note that data entry/keyboarding speed and accuracy must be evaluated separately.

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