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Certificate in Retirement Essentials

The Certificate in Retirement Essentials provides an overview of the U.S. retirement system and industry and a strong foundation in retirement principles, products, and planning.


To earn the Certificate in Retirement Essentials, learners must complete three required courses, which are delivered in an online interactive format with integrated exams. The three courses:

  • Provide foundational knowledge to help employees understand the retirement system and industry, including regulations that apply, the three pillars for retirement resources, products for saving and investing, and retirement planning
  • Describe tax issues related to retirement savings and how various retirement plans and products work in the accumulation and decumulation stages


  • The Retirement System
  • Pillar I: Basic Government Pension/Social Security
  • Pillar II: Workplace Retirement Plans 
  • Pillar III: Individual Financial Resources
  • The Pre-Retirement Life Stage
  • The Retirement Life Stage
  • Financial Education and Planning
  • Types of Investments, Returns, and Risks
  • Annuities
  • Portfolio Creation and Management

Program Roadmap


Certificate in Retirement Essentials

Core Course Requirements: 3 course(s)

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Certificate Testimonials

The program is very informative! I understand retirement challenges better after completing the courses. I gained a better understanding of how we do things in our company and can suggest ways on how we can improve. It makes it easier for me to explain our plans and products.

This type of information is very important to understand when working in the life insurance industry. I can confidently explain to customers where our life insurance products fit into our overall retirement plan. It has piqued my curiosity to learn more about products.

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