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This post originated from our 1000,000th FLMI celebration that took place in 2015. In honor of Life Insurance Awareness Month this year, we'd like to share this story with you. 

One thing many FLMIs have in common is a passion for learning. Consider these shining examples:

I promised the precious gift of FLMI to myself for 2014 and would do anything to achieve this goal despite all the challenges of maintaining the work and life balance. With work commitments, and my 4 and half year old daughter who takes a good amount of my time when I am at home, the only option was to burn the midnight oil and study. My seniors and peers at the office would get amused at my passion for studies, especially for FLMI. Finally, on 30th Sept ‘14, more than anybody else, I made myself proud by accomplishing the valuable designation of FLMI and this feeling is intangible.

I received many kind words, including those from Girish Joshi, AVP-Claims, Birla Sun Life: “ Great Dr. Salma, heartiest congratulations on your achievement of FLMI. You have made the Claims team proud."

Despite having Medicine and Law degree to my credentials and many more certifications to add to my signature, I will never forget the journey to FLMI including the night studies. I plan to take up more LOMA courses -- the knowledge gained acts like a catalyst in your work. I am happy to use this ocean of knowledge in my day to day work by doing pioneering work and creating innovating business solutions in life and health insurance space. I also have the passion to share the knowledge by training/teaching. By sharing, the knowledge only enriches....

THANK YOU LOMA!!! Grateful to you from the bottom of my heart...

Dr. Salma Rayani Khan, BHMS, LLB, PG Diploma in Insurance Administration, FLMI, AALU
AVP- Audit and Consulting / X-CLAIM - Expertise in Insurance Claims

My FLMI journey began when I was 22 and brand new to the insurance industry. World Insurance, a life and health insurance company located in my hometown of Omaha, Nebraska gave me an entry level opportunity in 1983 and I snatched it up. I was promoted within days from a mail clerk to a premium audit clerk. My supervisor told me the company would pay the tuition for an FLMI class and that a study group was forming if I was interested. Well, I was very interested in learning all I could about the industry in hopes that it would propel me to a position in which I could make more money. I loved the first class and began to love the insurance industry the more I learned about it. I wanted to learn more and more so I continued through the FLMI program even though the company couldn’t get another class together. I had to study by myself, but I stuck with it.

I changed companies in 1986 and continued to take the courses and study by myself. I was so happy that my new company, Continental General Insurance Company, had an actuary on staff when I was taking the Mathematical Foundations of Life Insurance course or I don’t believe I would have ever gotten through it! I was determined though and studied extra hard and actually got over 90% on the exam! In 1989 I moved to Alaska with my new husband and got a job with a State Farm agent as a producer which really was a switch for me. I became an FLMI and I was so happy and proud of it even though most P & C folks didn’t know what it was.

Since then, I have earned seven more designations and now own a business where I teach insurance to both new comers and long timers in the insurance industry. Education has always been a focus for me and FLMI began it all! I am most proud of the FLMI and the CPCU designations. I like to think I have the equivalent of a ‘masters degree’ in both life and health insurance (FLMI) and P & C (CPCU).

Margaret Varlamos, CPCU, CIC, AU, FLMI, AIC, CISR, ACS, LUTC
Insurance Consultants of Alaska / Insurance License Preparation of Alaska

In taking my first LOMA test, I was intrigued with all the rules and regulations the insurance industry has to comply with either by state or federal. In my continual testings, I was compelled to learn more.

I am glad to have this designation through the company where I work. I work in the Security department and I am the only officer in my department who has this achievement. I am honored to place this beside my name on my signature block within the company.

Phyllis Worthy, FLMI
Security Officer

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