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MarketFacts March 2024 Review

March Articles

Retirement Income Strategies: Building the Future

Over the next decade, millions of people will retire, but do they have the tools and expertise or professional advice to develop a retirement income strategy to meet their long-term needs?

Wholesalers: Positioning for Success

Wholesaling is very competitive. What are the key drivers of success for wholesalers, and what service elements do financial professionals value most?

Intermediary Views on Doing Business

Third-party distributors are facing a host of challenges, but there are opportunities too. See what intermediaries have to say about the current marketplace.

Canada’s Changing Consumer Landscape

In the most recent Life Insurance Barometer survey, LIMRA and Life Happens added Canadians to better understand the differences between U.S. and Canadian consumers. See their findings.

New Opportunities for Life Insurance Agents in Japan

Japan’s leadership is positioning it to be a financial powerhouse. Learn how and why life insurance agents are expected to play a major role.

Connectivity Rails: Creating a Linked Industry

What are the advantages of adopting open architecture platforms and application programming interface (API) connectivity?

Insights & Trends

Check out additional research from LIMRA on life insurance, annuities and workplace benefits. Also find LOMA Information Center briefs and quick queries on a variety of topics.

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