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Unique Solutions for Small/Midsize Companies

Specifically addressing the unique needs of small and medium-sized insurers, LIC helps our members' senior management develop strong relationships with peers at similar companies. LIC membership provides many benefits for companies with limited staff and resources.

How to Join

New LIC members are accepted year-round, so we encourage you to join today! Insurance companies and fraternals are eligible for regular Membership. Affiliate Membership is available to companies that provide services to insurance companies.

Already a LOMA Member? Complete the LIC Access Form linked below to request the LIC Access Fee add-on to your LOMA dues.

Not a LOMA Member Yet? Complete the LOMA Membership Application here and check the LIC box. Membership includes both organizations.

Let's Talk! Contact us at to discuss membership, get a dues quote, and see the LIC value in action.

LIC Member Companies

LIC members are typically small-to-midsize life insurance companies, fraternals, and other companies involved in preneed, final expense, or home service. Affiliate members are service providers interested in working with smaller life companies.

Benefits of LIC Membership

Learn More About LIC

LIC Meetings

Learn about the various networking and educational meetings LIC holds each year.

LIC Sponsorship

Learn how to become a sponsor of the Life Insurers Council. See how sponsorship benefits your company.

LIC Enews

Learn about and subscribe to LIC's Enewsletter.

LIC Committees

Learn more about networking committees available to senior management of companies that belong to the Life Insurers Council.

LIC Surveys and Benchmarks

Learn more about LIC Surveys and Benchmarks, including annual reports on Final Expense, Preneed, and Smaller-Company Annuity Sales.

LIC Advisory Board

Meet the 2022 Life Insurers Council Advisory Board.

LIC Connect

Online communities at LIC Connect give LIC members 24/7 access to a network of peers at other companies and an archive of informational resources.

Contact Us

For more information about the Life Insurers Council, please email