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Study materials for an e-Book course are delivered via the online Course Portal, and enrollment in the Course Portal also includes enrollment in one of the exam options for the course:

  • Timed, self-proctored end-of-module exams available through the Course Portal. Learners complete a short online exam at the end of each course module. The total number of questions across all end-of-module exams is 60.
  • Proctored end-of-course I*STAR exam. The time limit for the proctored exam is 2 hours and the exam includes 60 questions. Proctored examinations are available as computerized / I*STAR exams at a LOMA member organization. 

The course content is the same regardless of the testing option chosen.

Why do learners have to go back to the course portal to take the end-of-module exams?

Taking the end-of-module exam through the course portal allows LOMA’s learning system to accurately record your progress and course completions.

What if a learner doesn’t successfully pass an end-of-module exam in two attempts?

If you fail the same end-of-module exam twice, you must re-enroll in the course and retake all end-of-module exams. For example, if you pass three of four end-of-module exams, but fail the last end-of-module exam in both attempts, you will have to repeat the entire course. 

ALMI courses in the highly interactive online format allow unlimited attempts for each end-of-module exam, and these exams are not timed. Why is the testing different in these new fellowship-level courses?

It’s important to balance learners’ desire for self-proctored testing with the need to maintain the rigor and challenge of a fellowship-level designation. Limiting the number of exam attempts, and the time allowed for each exam, reflects the additional challenge appropriate in advanced courses.

Will it cost more to take the self-proctored exam option?

No, the cost of the course is the same regardless of which exam format you choose. 

Exam Formats

I*STAR Exams

Find out about our upgraded I*STAR exams delivery system.

Integrated Exams

Many of our online courses include short, self-proctored exams that are part of the learning experience.

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