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This webinar series provides information on relevant industry topics and LOMA's professional development programs, in short, convenient segments. 

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Upcoming Sessions

Meet Your Professional Development Goals by Year-End with LOMA

11/2/2021 11:00 AM ET - 11:30 ET

Don't forget to check off your professional development goals by year-end! Join us for our last Advance Your Knowledge Webinar of the year as we get back to the basics of all of LOMA's designation programs. We'll help ensure you meet your own professional development goals.


Recorded Webinar Sessions


The Importance of Financial Planning

October is National Financial Planning Month! We're reminded to keep our spending in check and our budgets in balance but we're also reminded of the value of educating ourselves to succeed in the retirement industry. Listen to this webinar as we discuss LOMA's Associate, Secure Retirement Institute (ASRI) designation.


The Power of Customer Service

October 4-8, 2021 is Customer Service Week! We honor and celebrate the importance of customer service and the people who serve and support others on a daily basis. This webinar walks us through LOMA's Associate, Customer Service (ACS) designation.


Protecting Our Family's Financial Security

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month and National Learning and Development Month! With a focus on LOMA's Fellow, Life Management Institute designation program (FLMI), learn the importance of life insurance and make a commitment to life-long learning.


Gear Up For National Learning & Development Month

Kick your professional development into high gear with LOMA's designation programs. Learn how leveraging LOMA's programs can boost your business acumen and put you on a fast track to proficiency.


Don't Fear Your Financial Future

Celebrating National Financial Awareness Day, August 14th, and how LOMA's Fellow, Secure Retirement Institute (FSRI) designation builds the knowledge needed to succeed in the industry.


Taking a Pulse on Your SMARTs

This webinar highlights LOMA’s industry-specific programs available to develop your own professional journey — and meet those SMART goals before year-end.


Here's to Protection, Education, and Closing the Gap!

Overview of LOMA's globally recognized life insurance courses and resources.


Spring Into LOMA's Associate Programs

Listen to learn more about LOMA's associate-level designation programs.


Navigating a Path to Success

This webinar highlights LOMA’s certificate-level programs available to help you develop the industry acumen needed to support your company and grow in your career journey with focuses on life insurance, retirement, the customer experience, compliance, and underwriting.

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