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Ed Rep Policy on Student Record Privacy

The student data you access as a LOMA Ed Rep for your employer is to be used only for the administration of the education programs sponsored by LOMA and is not to be used in any way outside your duties as an Ed Rep. Access to this information is granted solely on the condition that the information may not be shared with any person that is not appointed by your employer to receive such information.

Any other use is strictly prohibited and may lead to civil or criminal prosecution in the event that the information is used to compromise a person’s privacy rights, or in connection with the employment or termination of a student. Student information may not be used in relation to any performance evaluation, change, or transfer of work responsibilities.

As the assigned Ed Rep, you will be held responsible if student data is used for any purpose other than that for which it was intended as stated herein. LOMA is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of the student records that you maintain.

Student Information Policy

LOMA respects students' privacy rights and is committed to safeguarding each student's personal information. A LOMA student is defined as any person who is registered in the LOMA learning system and/or enrolls for any LOMA examination. Student personal information is defined as any information that LOMA receives and records when a student participates in a LOMA Education & Training Program. LOMA releases information about students to third parties only in accordance with the following guidelines:

  • We confirm, upon request, whether a student holds a designation or certificate from LOMA and the date the designation was earned, because the completion of LOMA programs is a matter of public record.
  • We release a student’s pass/non-pass grade information along with the student’s name and other identifying information (such as the student’s number, which may be the student’s Social Security Number) to the LOMA Educational Representative or other company-designated recipient at the student’s employer.

We do not release students' contact information to third parties for marketing purposes except as noted herein. Credit card information is encrypted and is not sold, shared, or rented by LOMA to third parties. Students who do not wish to receive informational or marketing emails from LOMA may request that their information remain confidential by contacting LOMA’s Office of the Registrar at (800) 275-5662 (Choose option 1), (770) 984-3761 or update their “Send Me Information” preferences in their LOMA learning account user profile.

Please note that a student’s selections within “Send Me Information” will not delay the employer’s receipt of pass/no-pass grade information.

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