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Congratulations, Designees!

Congratulations to our 2023 Fellow, Life Management Institute (FLMI), and Fellow, Secure Retirement Institute (FSRI) designees!

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Celebrating Achievement


Congratulations, New Designees!

LOMA offers a special congratulations message for the Class of 2023 FLMI and FSRI designees.



LOMA  向 2023年度荣获 FLMI 和 FSRI 的专业资格认证获得者表示特别的祝贺.


We look forward to seeing where you go next! View this exclusive video from Kelli Fiechtner, Vice President, Operations - Technology and Operations Solutions, Symetra, and Barbara Francis, Corporate Education Advisor, LOMA.

Read the FLMI Code here.

阅读 FLMI 守则点击此处


What's Next for Me?

There's so much in store for you now that you're a LOMA designee! Check out these resources to continue your learning journey. 

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