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LOMA committees consist of member company representatives who meet periodically to discuss common problems and responsibilities. As industry professionals, they share information on various aspects of the insurance and financial services business, and explore ways of developing and improving their methods of operation and management.

LOMA has more than 40 committees in these categories:

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If you are employed by a LOMA member company and are interested in participating on a LOMA committee, you may indicate your area of interest by sending an email to the links listed below:

LOMA's antitrust policy and the rules of conduct and compliance procedures govern all LOMA activities. These formal guidelines are intended to 1) make the occurrence of an actual antitrust violation in the course of LOMA activities impossible and 2) prevent inadvertent conduct which might give the appearance of an antitrust violation to someone unfamiliar with LOMA's nature and purposes.

The Committee Handbook provides detailed information about the committee process and descriptions of each committee.