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Courses with eBooks and Exam Options

  • Step 1: During the enrollment process, learners (or Ed Reps) will have the option to select from proctored (I*STAR) or self-proctored testing options. The choice of testing option should be consistent with the company’s policy on acceptable testing methods.
  • Step 2: Learners use the course portal to access all study materials. The course portal includes the interactive ebook, instructions for downloading an e-reader, and more.
  • Step 3: Learners complete the course exam(s).
    • Learners who choose the self-proctored testing option will complete a short online exam at the end of each course module. The exams are available through the course portal.
      • Each end-of-module exam is timed — time limits are based on the number of questions. The total number of questions across all end-of-module exams is 60.
      • To pass the course, learners must successfully complete each end-of-module exam within two attempts and achieve a 70%+ score on each end-of-module exam. (NOTE: This is not an average of all module exams).
    • Learners who choose the proctored (I*STAR) testing option schedule their exams according to company policy.
      • The exam is timed with a two-hour limit. The total number of questions on the comprehensive end-of-course exam is 60.
      • Learners must complete the entire exam in one attempt, with a 70%+ score to pass the course.
What happens if learners make a mistake and choose the wrong testing option?

If, during the enrollment process, you select a testing option by mistake, you must contact LOMA within 72 hours of your enrollment to have the error corrected at no charge.