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Get Valuable Compensation Data

LOMA has been providing industry-specific compensation data to insurance and financial services companies for over 50 years. We conduct annual compensation surveys that focus on positions typically found in home/head offices for life, health, and financial services companies.

Available Surveys and Reports

Annual Comp Surveys

The effective dates for the data are April 1 for the U.S. and May 1 for the Canadian survey.

Prices: 2021 Annual Comp Surveys
Survey LOMA Member Non-Member
Survey Participation Fees* Non-Participant Purchase Price Survey Participation Fees* Non-Participant Purchase Price**
*Survey participants submit data and receive final report. All prices are in U.S. dollars.
**All non-members must pre-pay for sales orders.
U.S. Executive $1,280 $2,690 $1,480 $4,750
U.S. Non-Executive $1,495 $3,500 $1,800 $5,750
Canadian $700 $1,630 $860 $2,780
U.S. Actuarial Compensation $900 $1,775 $1,350 $3,750
Custom Excerpts $135 per job title, minimum $500 per report $275 per job title, minimum $500 per report


  • All reports (in both PDF and spreadsheet formats) are sent using a secure Citrix tool called ShareFile. The designated recipient(s) will receive an email with a link to the report files.
  • All non-members must pre-pay by check or credit card. To protect your privacy and ensure credit card security, do not email credit card information. Please contact us for instructions.

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