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We are pleased to partner with LOGiQ3 in offering a comprehensive online training program for the life insurance underwriting profession. This series of short online courses covers over 200 topics (medical, non-medical, and financial risks) in all areas of underwriting, and has been carefully designed to complement LOMA courses, as well as the FALU designation.

These courses are suitable for students of all professional levels — entry, intermediate, and senior underwriters — and are designed to teach each student the possible outcome of each of the risks, as well as favorable case scenarios vs. unfavorable case scenarios.

Course Features

  • Video lectures that allow continuous playback to increase the student’s comprehension
  • Embedded quizzes to enhance the student’s knowledge
  • Multiple choice examinations that test the student’s underwriting capabilities at the end of each course
  • Supplemental real-life underwriting case examinations for practical learning; these are optional and available for purchase directly through LOGiQ3



Less than 1 hour to complete

Special Features

Great for New Employees