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SRI 500 Overview

This course examines how the U.S. retirement system, as well as retirement systems in select countries, attempt to provide retirement security. It presents the regulatory structure and economics that support the U.S. retirement system; examines forces and trends challenging retirement systems; and explores the potential for innovation and transformation in the retirement systems of the future.

Effective December 31, 2023, LOMA will be discontinuing enrollments in SRI 500. Learners will have the full 6-month course access period following enrollment to complete the course.

Three Steps!

To earn course credit for SRI 500, learners must successfully complete three required components.

Step 1

A media-rich, interactive online learning experience that reviews the three pillars of the retirement system and introduces the regulatory structure of the U.S. retirement system. An end-of-module Knowledge Check will assess your mastery of the material.

Step 2

A traditional textbook-based study experience covering retirement system economics, policy, and demographics and the potential for transforming retirement outcomes. This section includes interactive learning aids, expert-view videos, practice questions, and a sample examination that prepares you for the comprehensive self-proctored examination.

Step 3

A graded application assignment that requires you to demonstrate your ability to think innovatively about the future of retirement systems by analyzing an article or case study, or by conducting research.


16+ hours to complete

Related Designations

Fellow, Secure Retirement Institute

Special Features

3 Course Components


Self-Proctored End-of-Course Exam