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This post originated from our 1000,000th FLMI celebration that took place in 2015. In honor of Life Insurance Awareness Month this year, we'd like to share this story with you. 

We were expecting (and hoping) to hear that the FLMI had helped designees with their careers. What's been surprising (and wonderful) has been how many FLMIs take a moment to mention how one bit of knowledge learned in one course, or the big picture they could see after all ten made a difference...

In this ever increasingly competitive job market, advancement depends on more than experience and 4 year degrees. The FLMI is a major designation and can demonstrate to hiring managers your industry knowledge and commitment to your career in insurance — an edge that can make a difference in your favor. You never know when real life work experience will draw upon material covered in the courses. Just this week, I had a claim where the other insurance company had become insolvent and I was aware of the process from class material years before. As anyone with any insurance designations knows, the material might not be the most enjoyable way to spend your free time, but it is worth the effort! Where else do you get professional recognition for your achievement, knowledge that makes you a more valuable employee, AND a great trip when you complete it!

FLMI 2011

Judy Gordy-Avis, FLMI, AIRC
Auto Claim Representative — Austin Operations, State Farm

I had joined a life insurance company as head of Investment Accounting & Reporting in 1991 after spending my entire career in commercial banking. I knew nothing about the insurance industry including the comprehensive reporting that is required for regulations and rating agencies. I decided to take the LOMA exams by taking the first two exams and passing them. Six months later I took 4 more and six months after that the remaining four. I passed all the exams in the first sitting and received my FLMI with distinction. The FLMI designation helped me master Investment Accounting & Reporting. Due to my success in Investment Accounting, I was promoted to VP & Treasurer while still retaining my responsibility as head of Investment Accounting & Reporting. The LOMA exams helped me be successful in this new role. Several years later at a different company, I was hired as a Segment Controller for Corporate & Retail Annuities at a multinational Life Insurance Company. Although I had no prior experience in annuities, the FLMI helped me land the job and the knowledge from the LOMA exams helped me to be very successful. The FLMI designation is well respected in the industry and, through its exams, has helped me better understand ALL aspects of Life Insurance Operations. I also have a CPA, CMA, CFM, CGMA and consider the FLMI designation helped my career as much as these other designations. I am proud to be among those who have the FLMI designation. Congratulations on reaching this milestone.

John A. Zelinske, MBA, CPA, CGMA, CMA, CFM, FLMI
Assistant Vice President, Alternative Investments & Real Estate Accounting and Reporting, MetLife, Inc.

Getting my FLMI caused others to look to me for answers or opinions. By the time I achieved it, I had only been at my company for three and a half years. Though I had received accolades from customers for my knowledge and service to them via forward-facing departments, nothing compared to the day I realized internal customers looked at me to solve complex or unusual problems. It meant my peers could depend on me to get accurate information, whether I produced it myself or sourced it from someone more knowledgeable. This year, I’ll celebrate 11 years with my company, and I’m proud to be a Jill of all trades. My insurance education has been a major contributor to my versatility, and I’m thankful to be part of a company that encourages higher education in all its forms.

FLMI 2007

Training Coordinator, Training & Development, CNO Financial Group

Thanks to everyone who has sent in their stories so far! If you'd like to share your own thoughts, memories, and experiences, just email us, and we'll post them here.

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