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This post originated from our 1000,000th FLMI celebration that took place in 2015. In honor of Life Insurance Awareness Month this year, we'd like to share this story with you. 

The learning acquired during the work toward the FLMI proved valuable to these professionals in helping them attain a broader view of the business:

I started my insurance career in the claims department 20 years ago. I knew only some claims related insurance issues. I had no idea what other insurance departments’ duties are, and how it was related to claims workflow.

Completing the FLMI gave me a broad insight about all insurance aspects. I had better understanding how insurance works and how all departments are related. I learned about actuaries, underwriting, finance, legal, compliance, systems etc… I recognized how all these complete the insurance cycle and the impact one process may cause to all others.

I recommend LOMA courses for everyone who decides to have a career in the Insurance field. Attaining FLMI designation will help better understand all aspects of the business and enrich any CV with the prestigious designation that all insurance companies appreciate.

Reconciliation Manager, METLIFE, Dubai

I was excited about learning the industry and being part of the bigger picture of knowledge and growing to understand what our company and my position is based upon.

I enjoyed learning the early years of how insurance came to be with the first LOMA course all the way through, what I considered, the tough stuff about law and business finance.

FLMI makes me a more informed insurance career professional. Thank you.

Jana M. Veo, FLMI, ACS, ARA
Administrative Manager - Southern CT G.O. V55, New York Life Insurance Company

FLMI is a marquee accomplishment in the world of Insurance. It earned me significant recognition with my clients and gave me a ready forum to speak on relevant topics. My journey through the 10 exams for FLMI helped me acquire diligence – each certification examination that I cleared was a step toward winning the battle.

The day that I finally earned the coveted FLMI designation catapulted me in an august league of Insurance professionals. More importantly, it redefined what knowledge and learning are all about.

Moulinath Chakrabarty, FLMI
North America Practice Lead - Insurance Product Testing Group, Cognizant

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