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This post originated from our 1000,000th FLMI celebration that took place in 2015. In honor of Life Insurance Awareness Month this year, we'd like to share this story with you. 

These FLMI designees proudly share how the FLMI has empowered them with the knowledge to better complete job duties and has helped advance their careers.

My company strongly encourages obtaining the FLMI. I began studying for the first course in August of 2013 and completed my FLMI and ACS 6 months later. I have since been promoted and continue to have high potential for a long career. The FLMI has given me the confidence and credibility to present myself as a subject matter expert in the life insurance industry.

Michael L. Jordan, ACS, FLMI
Competitive Analyst, Royal Neighbors of America,
Mesa, Arizona

I earned my FLMI over 20 years ago when I was just out of college and learning the life insurance industry. A whole team of us at Andersen Consulting went through the courses and studied together. The FLMI designation — along with LOMA’s relevant continuing education — have been a great help to my career, first in consulting and today in investment banking.

Marc Maselli, FLMI, FFSI, AAPA, ACS
Founder and Managing Director, Morgan Partners LLC
Newton, Massachussetts

Over 20 years ago I was just entering the insurance workforce. At that time, I took the courses that lead to the FLMI and ACS designations. They both proved worthwhile and I found myself applying that knowledge often. I also feel that they helped me advance my career, so I have encouraged others to do the same.

Lisa M O’Connor, FLMI, ACS
Group Learning Services, Trainer, Guardian Insurance Company of America
Appleton, Wisconsin

My first employer was a great supporter of LOMA and recognized employees who enrolled in and completed these courses. I believe my participation in LOMA contributed to my success in posting to positions of increasing responsibilities, including office manager after only four years. I also liked the fact that I could choose my specialization — which was Human Resources.

LOMA designations may also have given me an advantage when returning to work after a break to raise my children, this time in Life & Disability Benefits. Because LOMA makes it easy to see your own progress with your current and other designations, I proceeded to work towards three more designations which gave me a broader understanding of other areas of insurance, including claims and benefits.

I have also encouraged my own staff to take Parts One and get a basic understanding of our business. Now many of these courses are even easier to take, as a lot are online with a new format which I understand make it easier to learn these courses. I definitely recommend these LOMA courses to anyone in the industry! I can't think of any other way I would have gained so much knowledge of our industry. Thank you, LOMA!

Catherine McCallum, FLMI, ACS, AIAA, ALHC

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