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MarketFacts December 2023 Review

December Articles

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The Road Ahead: Life Insurers Must Disrupt and Innovate to Thrive

The life insurance market is facing many uncertainties; read on to learn more about some of the challenges and how companies are capitalizing on them to create a competitive advantage.

The Evolving Benefits Broker-Employer Relationship

Employee benefits brokers remain highly valued, but they must adapt quicky to retain relevancy in a rapidly evolving marketplace. How do they need to change to maximize their value?

Two Hats, One Practice: Defined Contribution and Wealth Management Advising

Based on percent of income earned from advising DC plans, explore various advisor perspectives on delivering financial guidance within a defined contribution plan.

Caring for the Vulnerable: Building an Effective Financial Exploitation Response

Financial exploitation of the vulnerable has become big business for fraudsters. What should companies consider when creating a dedicated response program?

How Just-in-Time Learning Can Strengthen Your Workforce

Learning and development are key to employee engagement and retention. Discover how adding microlearning opportunities can help your employees and your organization.

In-Plan Annuities: Solving the Puzzle

In-plan annuities are gaining traction as a potential source for guaranteed retirement income, similar to a pension. Why then is there not greater adoption?

A New Era of Life Insurance: Generation Z Grows Up

Gen Zers — those born between 1997 and 2012 — are already trailblazing new approaches. Discover what’s important to them and how they make decisions and purchases.

Insights & Trends

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MarketFacts Best of 2023

Our top articles from 2023 reflect the industry’s preoccupation with technology, workplace benefits, the underinsured, annuities, talent, and rising interest rates, among other topics.

ADVERTORIAL: Leveraging Electronic Health Records for Competitive Advantage

Learn how electronic health records are transforming the life insurance underwriting process and improving the customer experience and quality of underwriting decisions.

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