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September 2022

September Articles

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Rising Interest Rates: Consumer Woes and Investor Wins

While rising interest rates mean higher rates on credit cards, mortgages, and loans, they also translate to attractive yields and guarantees for investment products. How will this dynamic affect the annuity industry?

Industry Collaboration Combats ATO Fraudsters

Fraudsters don’t just attack a single company; they attack the whole industry. Discover how companies are collaborating to combat ATO fraud — and how you can help.

Annuities: Comfort Food for Uncertain Investors

The current economic volatility has resulted in a blockbuster year so far for annuities. Which product types are driving sales, and why are consumers turning to annuities?

Then and Now in the Japanese Life Market

Over the next 10 years, there will be increased competition in the Japanese life insurance market. What does history tell us, and what strategies can your company use to compete?

A New Way of Life: Solving the Insurance Gap Conundrum

Life insurance is the core of our industry. To close the existing insurance gap, companies will need to reach consumers with innovative approaches to education, technology, and products.

Authenticity and Openness are Critical to Connecting with Clients

In the face of unpredictable change, people try to make meaningful connections. Authenticity and openness top the list of characteristics they look for — even in their relationships with financial professionals.

Developing the Next Generation of Industry Leaders

Providing potential leaders with issues-based, executive-focused education will ensure the future of the industry. LIMRA and Wharton partner to offer a development program that provides holistic, strategic perspectives for executives.

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