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October 2022

October Articles

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Focusing on Consumers for Industry Success

In this season of planning, budgeting, and strategizing, Dave Levenson, president and CEO of LIMRA and LOMA encourages companies to reach consumers with life insurance, annuities, and workplace benefits.

Safeguarding Health and Wealth in Uncertain Times

Right now, life insurers have an opportunity to change just as consumer priorities are evolving. How can companies commit to safeguarding health and wealth?

Post-Pandemic Consumer Behavior = Opportunity for Global Life Insurers

Similarities and differences in post-pandemic consumer behavior in 12 global markets indicate untapped opportunities for the insurance industry.

Building a Secure Retirement

Retirement planning is not easy. How are consumers planning, what differs by wealth segment, and what are the objective and subjective benefits of professional advice?

Financial Well-Being for Middle Income Americans

Identifying and quantifying specific consumer stressors — in terms of financial, emotional, and physical wellness — informs life insurance marketing efforts and financial advisor successes with middle-income consumers and their families.

PEPs: Gaining Traction With Small Employers

PEPS appear to be gaining traction among small employers, offering both opportunities and threats to the traditional DC plan construct.

One Policy Administration System Addressing Group + Voluntary + Absence Management

FINEOS outlines how modern core administration systems enable integrated claims and leave management, complex billing, and revenue management capabilities — and enhance the experience for employers and employees.

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