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LIC Enterprise Risk Management Committee Meeting

ERM for Smaller Life Companies

5/3/2023 CDT - 5/4/2023 CDT
Hosted by Catholic United Financial, St. Paul, MN



LIC's ERM Committee Meeting provides an opportunity to develop business relationships and share ideas with other executives involved in Enterprise Risk Management for small to mid-size insurance companies and fraternals. 

Find out what other companies are experiencing and share practical solutions to common challenges. What do YOU want to learn? Topics are submitted by participants, such as these from last year:

  • What changes have companies made in their ERM strategy as a result of COVID?
  • What are senior management's/board of directors top 5 areas of risk? How well is your company prepared to deal with those risks?
  • How are companies using ERM in their Strategic Planning?
  • Do companies produce a “CRO report” that is shared with senior management and the Board of Directors? If so, what items do they include in it?
  • What software vendors are companies using for risk assessment & reporting?
  • Have companies created KRIs for their risks?

The LIC ERM Committee Meeting is open to insurance company and fraternal ERM executives, with a discounted registration fee for LIC members. Affiliate Members/Vendors must be sponsors of the meeting in order to attend. Find out about LIC sponsorship opportunities.

This year we have a streamlined itinerary to improve the networking and make the most effective use of your time! We'll start at 2 pm on May 3, 2023, and hear attendee introductions and some facilitated discussion before heading out to dinner together. On May 4 we'll meet in the morning for a presentation and remaining facilitated discussion, and wrap up about 11:30 am, after which those who can stay may have lunch, allowing for afternoon flights home. 

Remote Option Available

Registration can be either in person or remote. Registration fees and discounts are the same - simply select the remote option at the end of the registration form.