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Learning Live: How Insurers Make Money

Short, Virtual, Facilitated Sessions

4/14/2021 1:00 PM EST - 3:00 EST
Virtual Classroom



The Learning Live Series features short, virtual, facilitated sessions that expand your knowledge of essential topics. This session introduces basic concepts of financial management for insurers, focusing on how they balance dual goals of profitability and solvency. Participants will learn about unique factors involved, including solvency regulation, reinsurance, and how a given life insurance or annuity product affects an insurer’s overall profitability.


  • An insurer’s major revenues and expenses, and how the relationship between the two determines whether the insurer is earning profits or incurring losses.
  • The Annual Report and the Annual Statement: purpose, primary audience, and different accounting standards used.
  • The purpose and contents of the income statement and the balance sheet.
  • How regulators monitor insurer solvency through reserve requirements and risk-based capital (RBC) requirements.
  • How insurers use reinsurance to manage risk.
  • How an insurer evaluates a life insurance or annuity product’s profitability in terms of the product’s operating expenses, investment income, and cost of benefits.

The Learning Live Series is ideal for:

  • Home office employees at insurance, worksite benefit and retirement companies
  • Firm, branch office, and financial professional support staff — licensed and unlicensed
  • Companies that provide outsourced services to the insurance and financial services industry, including TPAs, FinTech/InsurTech, BPOs, etc.


Each live, interactive, two-hour Learning Live session addresses an industry-specific topic in our online virtual classroom. Facilitators and industry experts share high-quality educational content, lead discussions, and facilitate group activities to encourage strategic thinking and problem-solving.


Price per session: 
  • LOMA Member: $149  
  • Non-Member: $289