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Learning Live: Intro to Data Analytics

Short, Virtual, Facilitated Sessions

11/10/2021 1 - 3 p.m. ET
Virtual Classroom



The Learning Live Series features short, virtual, facilitated sessions that expand your knowledge of essential topics. This session is intended for non data scientists, and will help employees across the organization understand what data analytics is and why it is essential to insurers’ success. Participants will learn about the strengths and limitations of data analytics, how insurers use data analytics, challenges related to data analytics, and the role employees play in supporting analytical efforts.


  • The importance of data and data analytics to the future of the insurance industry
  • Defining data-related terms and distinguishing between descriptive and predictive analytics
  • Situations in which data analytics is most promising, and those where it may be limited
  • How insurers use data analytics to enhance revenue, reduce losses, and improve operational efficiency
  • Examples of the types of challenges that prevent insurers from realizing the full benefits of data analytics
  • The role of non data scientists in a data-driven organization and how to increase your data literacy

The Learning Live Series is ideal for:

  • Home office employees at insurance, worksite benefit and retirement companies
  • Firm, branch office, and financial professional support staff — licensed and unlicensed
  • Companies that provide outsourced services to the insurance and financial services industry, including TPAs, FinTech/InsurTech, BPOs, etc.


Each live, interactive, two-hour Learning Live session addresses an industry-specific topic in our online virtual classroom. Facilitators and industry experts share high-quality educational content, lead discussions, and facilitate group activities to encourage strategic thinking and problem-solving.


Price per session: 
  • LOMA Member: $149  
  • Non-Member: $289