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What Our Employees Say

In our most recent employee survey, more than 90% of employees told us that LL Global is a great place to work. They told us:

  • They like the flexibility and work-life balance at LL Global.
  • They have the autonomy to do their jobs well and meet their customers' needs.
  • Our leaders are honest and ethical.
  • The work they are doing is really gratifying.

Hear From Our Employees

Overall, LL Global is a great place to work. Some of the best things about working here are the flexible work hours, working with intelligent people and the opportunity to manage and balance my work and personal life.

LL Global Employee

The ICARE Employee Recognition Program is a very nice way to recognize a fellow co-worker. I know that I feel truly flattered when someone takes the time to write a couple sentences about how I made their day easier.

LL Global Employee

I feel privileged to work for a company that cares so much for not only about its employees, but the community as well!

LL Global Employee

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