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International Contacts

Corporate International Division

Marie LaVigne, LLIF, FLMI, PCS
Manager, International Member Services
International Operations

Phone: 770-984-3743
Fax: 770-984-6420
Email: lavignem@loma.org

Zaiqun Du, FLMI, PCS, ARA
Business Development Director
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan
Phone: 770-984-3738
Fax: 770-984-6420
Email: du@loma.org

Jinhai Guo
International Conference Coordinator
Phone: 770-984-6449
Fax: 770-984-6420
Email: guoj@loma.org

Laura A. Goin, ALMI, ASRI, ACS
Business Operations Specialist
Phone: 770-984-3740
Fax: 770-984-6420
Email: lgoin@loma.org

Senior Associate, International Education Programs
International Operations

Phone: 770-984-6436
Fax: 770-984-6420
Email: zhao@loma.org

Bo Lee
Coordinator, International Member Services
Korea, Japan, Europe/Middle East/Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, Vietnam

Phone: 770-984-6430
Fax: 770-984-6420
Email: blee@loma.org

Regional Contacts

Supporting Europe, the Middle East & Africa

Bernard Retali (Barcelona, Spain)
President, LIMRA Europe, Middle East & Africa
Phone: +34 933 435 259
Email: bretali@limra.com

Supporting India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, The Philippines, Latin America & The Caribbean

Thad O. Burr
Global Sales & Marketing Director
Phone: +1 860 258 9431
Email: tburr@limra.com


Supporting China

Edwin Si
Managing Director
Phone: +86 137 0197 6929
Email: esi@limra.com

May (Yang) Lu
Special Representative
Phone: +86 186 1003 3431
Email: ylu@loma.org

Supporting Taiwan

Sidney Wu
Managing Director
Phone: +886 9 3201 5899
Email: swu@limra.com

Supporting Australia, Cambodia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand

Bosco Lau
Managing Director
Phone: +852 902 600 38
Email: blau@limra.com


Moumita Mukherjee
Special Representative
Phone: +968 669 6370
Email: mmukherjee@loma.org

Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam

Tan Eng Bee
Special Representative
Phone: 6012 306 3899
Email: tan@loma.org


Hiroshi Nakajima
Special Representative
Phone: +81-3-3412-2559
Cell: +090-5392-0213
Email: nakajima@limra.com


Yong Ok Kim
Director, Business Development
Phone: (82) 10 5159 6766
Email: ykim@limra.com

Supporting Thailand, Cambodia, Laos

Surapon Thongtoonsab
Special Representative
Phone: +66 817538567
Email: sthongtoonsab@limra.com

Supporting the Philippines

Colin Smith
Consultant and Regional Trainer
Phone: +63 917 8917800
Email: csmith@limra.com

Cecille Catubig
Administrative Support
Phone: +63 917 5252577
Email: ccatubig@loma.org

Latin American and Caribbean

Gina M. Castañeda (in Colombia)
Member Benefits and Business Development Manager
Phone: 57 318 395 5138
Email: gcastaneda@limra.com

Maria Mercedes Concha (in Colombia)
Customer Service Coordinator
Phone: 57 311 201 3197
Email: mconcha@limra.com

Hernan Poblete Miranda (in Chile)
Associate Research Director
Phone: 56 978454757
Email: hpoblete@limra.com

Supporting Mexico

Carlos Islas Murguía
Member Development Director
Phone: + 1 52 553 805 2175
Email: cmurguia@limra.com

Supporting Brazil

Ronald Kaufmann
Special Representative
Phone: +55 11989690731
Email: rkaufmann@limra.com