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Evaluate Workforce Skills

The Skills Gap Analysis helps organizations take inventory of their workforce’s current skills and competencies and compare them to what they need. Clearly identifying the gaps will help organizations create a holistic strategy to hire and develop a workforce capable of achieving their goals.

Advances such as artificial intelligence and automation are changing the nature of jobs as we know them. In addition, the demographics of the workforce, such as the impact of millions of Baby Boomers retiring, as well as a labor shortage require organizations to be more strategic in planning for their future workforce.

The Skills Gap Analysis will allow you to:

  • Maximize the potential of current employees with training and development opportunities
  • Develop a talent acquisition strategy
  • Help shape workforce planning

LOMA will work with companies to identify company goals and establish the competency model to work from. Performance data will be collected and reports will be generated that will pinpoint the difference or “gaps” between where the current employee population is performing and where they should be.

A variety of reports are available from individual reports to overall organization results.