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This post originated from our 1000,000th FLMI celebration that took place in 2015. In honor of Life Insurance Awareness Month this year, we'd like to share this story with you. 

Being a highly effective IT professional in the insurance industry requires that you understand how the business works. Understanding the language and concepts of insurance is crucial to being able to ask the right questions and effectively execute projects. These professionals talk about the knowledge they gained through earning their FLMI.

I have earned my FLMI in 2009 and AAPA in 2004. These courses have given me such a holistic understanding of Life Insurance and Annuities business that I am able to apply the knowledge in my day to day interactions with stakeholders. I have an understanding of insurance systems and processes for various insurance companies I have worked with.

In my organization, I am a strong proponent for associates to do these industry recognized certifications.

Bhavesh Mehta, FLMI, AAPA
Tata Consultancy Services

As an IT employee, I am much more effective when I understand the business of financial services and insurance. FLMI is the best and most comprehensive way to get that knowledge.

Having an FLMI was also very beneficial in finding employment after a five year child-rearing hiatus. Having FLMI on my resume got me in the door for interviews that I would not have gotten otherwise, having been away from a technology field for that lengthy time. I was able to find a great job in the industry in a fairly short amount of time thanks to that LOMA designation!

Julie Printz, FLMI
Lead Application Engineer / Prod & Member Support Systems, Thrivent Financial

In the ever challenging and quick changing corporate environment, certifications and designations definitely provide an edge for enhancing our position in the organization. I work in the software service industry for insurance clients, and having an FLMI designation makes me confident, knowledgeable and on top of the industry. People have great respect and regard for my professional expertise.

In client locations, my FLMI background helps us easily understand the business. It helps to contribute tools, industry trends, business expertise and solutions to my organization and clients worldwide.

I completed the FLMI within one year and my organization sponsored my studies. I was awarded star awards and quarterly incentives at the organizational level and was asked to address as keynote speaker in various corporate level meetings. FLMI gave me more money, position, designation and prestige and I would definitely recommend doing that for juniors of my organization. Outside the insurance world, it is also very useful for general financial knowledge, as we can apply the concepts to investment banking, asset and liability management, stock market, government law, marketing, ethics and general management.

On the whole, I love being one among the esteemed gathering of industrial experts of the LOMA family. I recommended that to my team while managing financial services projects and inspired my team to achieve peak performance by understanding the business. The awards and accolades that I got after completing FLMI made me and my family very proud and also helped us monetarily.

G. Shrinithyaa, FLMI, ACS  

Have an FLMI story of your own? Email us with your thoughts, memories, and experiences.