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Optimize Outcomes

Life insurance is a complex business. Learning about it shouldn’t be. In-person Insurance Immersion can help you build a solid foundation of industry knowledge. 

Upcoming Sessions

Leaders and teams must grasp how business units can work together to help their company grow and thrive. Insurance Immersion promotes the holistic thinking needed to drive efficiencies and optimize outcomes across your organization.

Session Options

Open Enrollment Sessions

Learn from expert instructors and network with cross-functional industry professionals together in one room! Open-enrollment Insurance Immersion is offered over 2 ½ days in various cities throughout the year.

Private Company Sessions

Bring the experience of Insurance Immersion directly to your team! Bring cross-functional teams together through interactive sessions, and promote meaningful conversation and collaboration within your organization.

In-Person Training Provides:

  • Cost-effective, high-quality training developed with industry experts
  • Lively instruction, interactive discussion, and small-group application exercises
  • Opportunity for employees to connect and gain a more holistic view of the industry, and how your company operates

Content in this session focuses on the U.S. life insurance industry.


See Insurance Immersion in action!

Hear from participants and get a feel for this engaging program.


I was surprised by the diversity of our training program. Attendees included specialists, managers, and directors. It was amazing how many ‘a-ha’ moments we all had–often on the same topic. It was worth two days of getting an overview on the types of products our company and competitors provide.

I was very impressed with everything about this class. The content was given and explained in a way that made it easy to understand, the information sparked extremely beneficial discussions, and our instructor did a wonderful job making the class interactive, interesting, and fun!