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Sapiens IllustrationPro for Life & Annuities (formerly called StoneRiver Life Portraits) is a point-of-sale solution, offering responsive product illustrations from any location in an electronic environment, with internet and desktop support. ACORD®-compliant, it offers straight-through processing, from point-of-sale to application e-submission, supported by a needs analysis suite.

IllustrationPro explains complex products in a compelling way. Its powerful calculation engines handle the most complex product illustrations, including the appropriate historical and hypothetical references. Easy-to-use illustrations reflect goals and search for specific targets with desired premium flow criteria. The Multi-Channel Distribution Module enables carriers to serve multiple marketing segments with a single deployment. Agents have immediate access to the sales illustrations for their products and are guided through each case according to the organization’s established rules.

Home Office Maintenance tools enable the home office to edit, remove or replicate plans for faster changes. This enables the carrier to respond more quickly to opportunities, monitor the sales process and make improvements.


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