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AURA (Automated Underwriting and Risk Analysis)

RGA Reinsurance Company

RGA’s AURA is a global leader in automated underwriting because it packages the company’s unparalleled underwriting experience and knowledge into technology that is fast, flexible and reliable. AURA quickly approves “clean” cases and routes more difficult cases to underwriters. With a more streamlined underwriting process, you can realize significant improvements in underwriting time and expense.

Superior Underwriting Rules

AURA is built on the solid foundation of RGA’s world leading underwriting rules and expertise. AURA rules are continually updated to reflect the latest underwriting philosophies.

Rules Engine

The Rules Engine is the core of AURA. It accepts electronic data gathered by AURA’s different modules and applies underwriting rules; you can customize, to produce a decision.

AURA Rules Administration Tool

This tool allows users to create and manage AURA rule sets for multiple products, risk factors, language requirements or regions. You can edit the RGA underwriting rule sets that come with AURA, or build your own to reflect your underwriting philosophy.

Workflow Integration

AURA’s rules engine can be integrated with any standard industry workflow and underwriting desktop management system. AURA allows easy integration using web services and XML. Customers send and receive decisions and data back from AURA, sending the right work to the right person at the right time.

Management Information (MI)

The MI module provides a repository of information and allows you to refine underwriting rules, monitor demographics, analyze trends, monitor decision frequency, maintain decision quality, track new business and more. The MI module provides a mechanism to transmit audit information to reinsurers.

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AURA (Automated Underwriting and Risk Analysis)


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