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QLAdmin Policy Administration System

QLAdmin Solutions

Since 1988, small and medium-sized companies have enjoyed robust end-to-end processing for the entire policy lifecycle. Supportive system features include plan and rate maintenance, system rules configuration, user security privileges, comprehensive valuation reporting, agency management and commission statements, accounting exports, and 1099/5498 filing. The built-in Document Engine allows for document and policy page creation, integration and management.

The QLAdmin policy administration system serves 45 clients in the United States, Canada, Central America and the Caribbean with complete policy processing for traditional and interest sensitive whole and universal life insurance, term insurance, deferred and immediate annuities, pre-arranged funeral plans, and individual and group health insurance. With the integration of illustrate inc OPUS illustrations and e-application technology, companies can better compete in a market that is increasingly transacted online.

After more than 60 data conversions to date from systems such as Genelco, USSI, LifePro, ID3, CAPSIL, ACS, PMSC, InsWare, PrideTech and homegrown proprietary systems, our expertise assures data conversion takes months, not years.


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