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QLAdmin Medicare Supplement Claims Auto-Adjudication

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The QLAdmin Medicare Supplement insurance claims auto-adjudication system integrates seamlessly with the insurance policy administration platform. All plans in every state are supported for Part A and Part B. Each company has complete control over plan set up and benefit processing rules, ensuring exception claim review guidelines are followed.

Key system components include a metrics dashboard with current and past file processing results, a manual claims queue for exception processing, and rate increase filing and implementation management. From new issue, to premium collection, to rate increase and notices, QLAdmin service all phases of a Medicare Supplement policy.

In addition, full integration with claims consolidators, EOB and payment processors, agency onboarding and payment systems, and new business sales tools create an automated end-to-end platform for streamlined and efficient processing of Medicare Supplement claims.

With adjudication ratios at 95% and higher, your high-volume claims processing will be more successful, take less time per EDI file, and require less manual intervention.

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QLAdmin L/H/A Policy Administration System

QLAdmin Medicare Supplement Claims Auto-Adjudication

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