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QLAdmin Agent and Policyholder Web Portals

QLAdmin Solutions

The QLAdmin Agent and Policyholder web portals complement the company’s client-centric activities and improve the service experience for all involved. With a user-friendly interface, client and policy data can be securely accessed with any device. Having administrative control over web portal home pages and featured categories allows the company to tailor the news and documents available for each user group.

Agents have access to all policies in which they appear in the hierarchy while managing agents have access to all policies for their subagents. With the integration of OPUS illustrations and e-applications, agents can be more effective in the online insurance market. Policyholders have access to each policy they own and can easily connect with their agent or the company. The true value in enabling agents and members to become more self-sufficient translates a more gratifying brand relationship.

Implementing the QLAdmin policy and plan administration system with the Agent and Member portals enables companies to realize efficiencies in daily operations, elevate the employee experience and improve service for all customers.


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