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Pega Customer Service for Insurance


Pega delivers an omni-channel application that is intuitive and easy to use. Empower your CSRs to improve every customer interaction with personalized service for happier, more loyal policyholders. Pega evolves customer service from records-based, contact-focused, and reactive to a powerful, dynamic application that interprets customer context and lets your people make the right decision at every touch point.

  • Anticipate. Real-time insight and adaptive business rules give fully contextual and personal recommendations for every customer, in any channel, under any circumstance.
  • Connect. Instantly address customer needs by connecting them with the people and systems that can get things done.
  • Simplify. Better manage the complexity of your organization to personalize every customer interaction, regardless of geographies, lines of business, or channels.
  • Evolve. Ensure your business can change as fast as your customer’s needs change. And do it cost effectively by leveraging existing legacy systems to protect capital investments.


David Walsh, Director of Marketing

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